MBTI Types in a Horror Movie


ISTJ: The one in denial that there’s actually a killer
ISFJ: The one who calls out “Who’s there?” as if the killer will answer
ESTJ: The one who tries to tell everyone else what to do
ESFJ: The one who screams at everything
ISTP: The one who finds a really good hiding place

  • child's therapist: your child has a mental disorder
  • parent: i'm supportive, understanding, and loving. i will do all i can to help my child.
  • child: i can't do this because my disorder makes it very hard.
  • parent: you're lazy
  • parent: you're immature
  • parent: get over it it's not that big of a deal
  • parent: grow up
  • parent: don't tell anyone about your disorder you should be ashamed of it
  • child: i'm insulted and i think your comments are abusive
  • parent: i've done nothing but support you with this!!!!


fruit salad 

*deep voice* yummy yummy

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